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Gruppo Bonomi, composed by historical brands, offers innovative and reliable solutions for the sectors for which it operates.

Gruppo Bonomi - The roots of a winning philosophy

Gruppo Bonomi, composed by historical brands, offers innovative and reliable solutions for the sectors for which it operates.
Leaders in the european rail market, Gruppo Bonomi is able to carry analysis, production and supply of the ''complete ovehead catenary system''. Banchmark in the energy market; Manufacturing and sale of insulators and accessories for low, medium and high voltage, with a widespread presence on the territory.
Reliable partner for the electromechanical and automotive sectors, with the production of specific items and accessories, designed and made in close relationship with the customer.

Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A.

Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A. - Bonomi Eugenio was born in 1928 as a non-ferrous alloys foundry. In the 50s the company expanded, directing its production in the electromechanical field and, later on, in the 70s, as a consolidated reality, founds fruitful ground in the rail sector.
In the 1980, with the establishment of Lok Electric Srl, specialized in the production of cable lugs and compression connectors, begins a steady investment program that has as its aim the development of the company and the optimization of production processes. In 1999 Lok Electric S.r.l. is acquired and Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A. moved into the new facilities in Montichiari (Brescia).
The realization of new patented products for the rail and electrical sectors, ensures to Bonomi an increasingly and important presence in the national and international markets.
In 2002, Bonomi establishes EB Rebosio Srl by acquiring the Rebosio unit from ABB Group. In the same year, Intercable S.r.l. from Brunico (BZ), international leading company in the Energy and Automotive markets, joins and becomes part of the corporate of Bonomi Eugenio SpA.

EB Rebosio S.r.l.

Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica - Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica was created in 1920 for the production of components for the railway overhead contact lines. From the '60s Rebosio begins to look at composite materials as an alternative to traditional isolation of the electrical lines. Starts to develop the production of the forst fiberglass rods and then the Teflon insulators.
In the 80s Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica patented the first composite insulators in silicone. In 1992 Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica is acquired by ABB Sae Sadelmi SpA and starts developping complete lines and accessories for the suspension of the overhead catenary system for the high-speed railway lines, gaining a leading position in the worldwide railway scenario. Later on, in the ABB Group it becomes Unità Operativa Rebosio.
In 2002 Unità Operativa Rebosio is acquired by Bonomi Eugenio SpA and becomes EB Rebosio Srl. In 2003 EB Rebosio moved its headquarters in the new factories of Madone (BG).
In 2011 Gruppo Bonomi establishes the operative unit of EB Rebosio Turkey.
In 2012 the Group acquires Isoelectric S.r.l., which was born in 1968 and specialized in the manufacturing of composite and epoxy resin insulators and components.
In 2002, in the Paranà district in Brasil, a new facility (called Isoelectric Brasil LTDa - today manufacturing unit of Gruppo Bonomi) is born in order to focus on the development of the South American market.

Groppo Bonomi is a group looking to the future, through qualified human resources, technological know-how and productive and organizational skills, which ensures professionalism, flexibility and high quality standards.

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