Gruppo Bonomi

Gruppo Bonomi

Our Values


Become customers' partner, in order to understand and interpret its needs, designing and realizing specific solutions for quality, service and realiability.

Gruppo Bonomi - Our values

Customized Welcome thanks to a privileged relationship based on listening, availability and transparency.
Respect towards the inside and the outside of the Group.
Training and professional qualification of all employees.

Quality Guarantee of the product to specification, in full respect of the customer's contract terms and conditions, thanks to an effective organization.
Safeness at work and safety of our employees
Salvaguardia dell’ambiente e delle relative risorse, in accordo con un etica di sviluppo sostenibile.
Preservation of the environment and its resources, in accordance with an ethics of sustainable development.

Through these bases Gruppo Bonomi strives to achieve constant credibility and trust by seeking continuous improvement and greater efficiency in their business processes.

Gruppo Bonomi - Sicurezza e Ambiente

Safety & Environment

  • Ethics
  • Legality
Gruppo Bonomi - Qualità


  • Warranty
  • Accuracy
Gruppo Bonomi - Ricerca e Sviluppo

Research & Development

  • Inventiveness
  • Innovation
Gruppo Bonomi - Tecnica e Ingegneria

Technique & Engineering

  • Know How
  • Knowloedge
Gruppo Bonomi - CED


  • Clouding
  • Interactivity
Gruppo Bonomi - Servizio


  • Creativity
  • Dynamism
Gruppo Bonomi - Risorse Umane

Human Resources

  • Professionality
  • Respect
Gruppo Bonomi - Amministrazione e finanza

Administration & Finance

  • Strenght
  • Control
Gruppo Bonomi - Marketing e Commerciale

Marketing & Commercial

  • Strategy
  • Presence
Gruppo Bonomi - Acquisti


  • Saving
  • Efficiency
Gruppo Bonomi - Logistica


  • Puntuality
  • Service
Gruppo Bonomi - Pianificazione e Produzione

Planning & Production

  • Leadtimes
  • Methods